Comics zeichnen in Indonesien: 7 bis 14 november

Mir kam heute diese einladung von die comiczeichnerin Tita aus Indonesien um mitzumachen mit ein 7 Tage comicaktion zu ein festival in Bandung. Jeder kann mitmachen durch ihren sachen online hochzuladen.

Bandung is now celebrating its "creative city" title by holding a festival called Helarfest 2009, where more than 70 events are held from October until December 2009. Among the events is one held by my small, independent publisher "Curhat Anak Bangsa" (CAB), called SEVEN. The concept is similar to 24 Hour Comics Day, only this one requires 1 page per day, for seven consecutive days. So in the end everyone will have made 7 pages of drawings/comics/stories.

It's an online event, so virtually anyone can join, despite their geographical location. Herewith I would like to invite you and your network to also join SEVEN. You may upload your drawing on your own Blog, and CAB will link it to CAB website. We plan it to start on Nov 7, end on Nov 14. On Nov 15 we'll hold a small exhibition and a discussion session, while launching the CAB website.

Mehr info findest du auf den folgenden links:
CAB website (under development): http://bukucurhat.net/
SEVEN event at my Multiply: http://esduren.multiply.com/journal/item/363/SEVEN_Draw_Your_Days
SEVEN event in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=164439603095#wall_posts

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