Opening hours during x-mas + new in our shop

This are our Opening / closing hours during x-mas:
24.12. 11-13h30 OPEN

Außerdem ist es erlaubt, Geschenke in unserem Lädchen zu kaufen. Zum Beispiel folgende im obigen Bild dargestellte NEUZUGÄNGE:

1 El OJO - selfpublished Shortcomics by Cegado, language: SPANISH
2 SCHNÖSELMÖSEL - Anthology/Fanzine, language:GERMAN 
MAGICIAN - with real and amazing trick, Martin Graf, zur Selbstmontage
4 WHERE ARE YOU FROM?selfpublished Comic by Andy Leuenberger. language: WITHOUT WORDS
5 THE COMIX READER - newspaper Comic-Anthology from UK, language: ENGLISH
6 WURST CARDGAME -Martin Graf, zur Selbstmontage
7 PING PONG - experimental Comicbook by cx Huth+Jimmi Drath, language: WITHOUT WORDS
8 FROG CALENDER 2013 - by the OH-Magazine Woman
9 selfpublished Shortcomic from Niv Tishbi language:WITHOUT WORDS
10 ROCK AROUND THE CUCKOO CLOCK - selfpublished Comic by Clementine Guichard, about her first Bandtour with the Band Bananarchie to suisse. language:FRENCH
- buy also the first LP of Bananarchie at Renate Comicbibostore. Its a great one!u

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